Recovery Journey Sober Living

Recovery Journey Sober Living currently has a 4-bed female house in Mary Esther, Florida. A house manager lives on-site and helps to provide accountability and support to our residents. All residents must abide by the house rules and actively participate in a recovery program. Residents will be required to obtain employment within their first 30 days and will perform at least 20 hours of volunteer work each week until employment is obtained. The length of stay is a minimum 90 days with a maximum of 180 days unless other arrangements are made with management. Our staff will assist residents with various life skills to include: applying for and finding employment, registering for school, gardening and cooking, general daily living skills and locating local recovery programs and services. 

For more information regarding sober living, the programs available and the house rules, please email or

call 866.800.JRNY (5769).